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Participants are introduced to the importance of practicing physical self=care and are provided with helpful tips/tricks as well as resources in these three different areas.Participants engage in relevant discussions, complete their own self-care assessment, and take away a self-drafted plan to implement in their own lives.Education is provided about how to make cost-conscious decisions in the grocery store that can lead to an affordable, healthy diet.Presenter: Registered Dietitian from Housing and Dining Services Duration: 45 minutes for the class and up to 15 minutes for Q/A Participants learn about making good nutrition choices to promote weight management with a non-diet approach.This quiz is brief and includes facts about potency, sleep effects, local laws, memory/cognition, edibles and more. They learn about the characteristics of a healthy relationship and establishing healthy, personal boundaries.If you would like this option, please select the Alcohol- Dude, where’s my car? Participants also will explore ways to identify and avoid unhealthy relationships and learn about resources available on campus and in the community.

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Participants will also be asked to examine how marijuana may play a role in their life.

Participants will also explore how more is not necessarily better and when drinking is the most risky and what can be done to reduce risk.

Option: An optional addition to this program includes a Marijuana Quiz. S peer educators Duration: Average time 30-45 minutes Minimum: 8 people Maximum: 100 people In this presentation, participants will develop an understanding of relationship expectations and where these expectations come from.

Colorado State University is host to numerous student resources connected to health, wellness, and prevention.

Compiled below are resources for chapters and individuals on a wide variety of health and wellness related topics.

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